The Margate Handbook is a monthly publication that is purely local. It is delivered FREE each month to over 5,500 households and businesses in the Margate area, as well as being available in both the Margate and Cliftonville libraries, the Visitor’s Information Centre, numerous doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms other selective key outlets.

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Five reasons to let Margate know about your business

  1. Many of our readers keep the Margate Handbook by the phone as a ready reference.
  2. Most of our readers prefer to deal with local businesses and services.
  3. By connecting local businesses with local people, we help keep our local economy thriving.
  4. Advertising in your local community is one of the most effective forms of building your business.
  5. By winning more local custom your good reputation will grow more quickly.

Sign up today and you can now have a full 12 months advertising, in black and white, for just £22 per month, or in glorious colour for just over £30 per month, this is based on a 12 month package What have you got to lose, except local customers of course!

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In this month’s edition…

  • Our usual selection of quality tradesmen and businesses

Every month, The Margate Handbook is also published online as an “e-book” as a convenient and readily available reference guide for local residents (and those further afield) to access!