About Us

About The Margate Handbook

The Margate Handbook is delivered to over 5,500 households and business in the Margate area. It is published locally by husband and wife team, Pete and Pauline. Many of the advertisers who appear in the Margate Handbook have been used by us, or are known personally to us, and therefore can be recommended.

The handbook is packed with products and services that are provided by businesses in, or local to, our area. As well as information about local businesses there is a free community page where organisations can publish information about meetings or events. So if you are involved with a club or society please contact us so that we can let everyone know!

The Margate Handbook is now freely available at the Margate Tourist Information Centre and many selected key outlets in the area. Growing in popularity, it is the ideal way to reach the local people of Margate with your goods and services.

Every month, The Margate Handbook is also published online as an “e-book” as a convenient and readily available reference guide for local residents (and those further afield) to access! Our new website aims to improve on this even more, by creating a highly valuable content resource online from the information from The Margate Handbook each month.